The Beers

  • Asahi Super Dry

    Asahi Super Dry

    The world's original Karakuchi ("super dry") beer, Asahi Super Dry's smooth, dry and light-bodied taste have propelled it to the front of Japan's beer market and made it a world favourite.

    5% Alc/vol.
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  • Carlsberg


    The crown jewel of Danish brewing needs little introduction. This European lager was groundbreaking in 1847 and is still the benchmark by which others are judged. Brewed by appointment to the Royal Danish Court. Best served at 7-10 C.  

    5% Alc/vol.

  • Carlsberg Elephant

    Carlsberg Elephant

    Carlsberg’s high ABV version of their prized lager. The Colour is light golden amber and a white foam tip. The ample use of malt gives Elephant a vinous and rich character. The high hop content in Elephant gives a masculine bitter bite to the beer.

    7.2% Alc/vol.

  • Estrella

    Estrella Damm

    The beer takes its name from Estrella the spanish word for 'star' and Damm, the founding family's name. Since 1876 this beer has been brewed according to the original recipe. Golden in colour, this crisp lager is rounded with dark-roasted notes to give it personality and final flavour.

    4.6% Packaged Beer Alc/vol.

    4.6% Keg Alc/vol.


  • Budvar


    BudÄ›jovický Budvar is the original Czech lager, widely regarded as one of best tasting lagers in the world and the winner of countless awards from consumers and brewing specialists worldwide, including six domestic Beer of the Year titles (1996, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004).

    5% Alc/vol.



    Think beer in India & the first name you will think of is Kingfisher. India’s favourite beer (one in every 3 beers sold is a Kingfisher), is one of the oldest, most widely recognized and respected brands in India. Flavour is sweet & fruity with a distinct bitterness. 

    5% Alc/vol.


  • Kingfisher Strong


    The brand was launched in 1999 to cater to the growing strong beer segment around the world. Today, Kingfisher Strong is India’s largest selling beer brand. Flavour is sweet & fruity with a distinct bitterness.

    7.2% Alc/vol.